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Registration is open for puppies from Polvon & Chokar.

Date of birth of the puppies is January 19th, 2021

If you want to buy a puppy from Chokar & Polvon, you need to register. Registration is possible by ever filling out the recording form (located at the bottom of this page), or by phone:


or by E-mail:

In any case, we will contact you at the coordinates you left as soon as possible and answer all your questions, as well as ask our own.

Information about Polvon, the father of puppies:

Full name-Ala Polvon

Date of birth - 25.02.2015

Polvon was taken from the Karatau mountain range, from the village of Obigarm, which is located in the Fayzabad district of Tajikistan.

Polvon's parents:

Father of Polvon - photo:

Mother of Polvon - photo:

Video of Polvon's parents

*Initially, the video from which I cut out a piece where you can see the parents of Polvon, was made by Alikhon and Latif Latifi, the full video about this trip, where I was lucky enough to be present and see these great dogs with my own eyes, can be viewed from Latif on his YouTube channel - Here is a direct link to the full video about our trip -

Polvon’s photo:

Polvon’s video:

Information of Chokar – the mother of the  puppies:

Full name - Chokar

Date of birth-15.02.2016

Chokar was taken from the Dangara district of Tajikistan.

Chokar's Parents:

Father of Chokar - photo:

Mother of Chokar:

Video of Chokar being taken from her mother in Tajikistan:

Chokar’s photo:

Chokar’s video:

Chokar is almost never alone – she is always surrounded by other dogs – and she gets along very well in a pack.

Here are some videos where Latif Latifi made a video about Polvon and Chokar, for which we thank him very much!

Chokar gave birth to puppies  again all on her own, while the outside temperature was - 22°С and unheated aviary and booth, as you can notice below in video:

Here, you can track with us the growth and development of puppies from  Polvon & Chokar:

Photos of puppies:

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