About me

Dear friends, I welcome you to my website dedicated to real aboriginal Central Asian shepherds!

Here I publish photo and video materials about the lives of my shepherds, taken from the flocks of Tajikistan, their lives and the fate of their puppies.

Here you will find unique first–hand content, honest opinion, love for dogs, as well as great respect for their original purpose - the protection of entrusted property, whether it is a flock of sheep or a private territory.

At the moment I have 5 aboriginal Central Asian Shepherds:

- male POLVON - I personally brought him from my trip to the flocks of Tajikistan;

- male TASH and female CHOKAR were taken from different flocks of Tajikistan with the help of my friends and very respected people Alikhon and Latif Latifi;

- female HAZINA or shortcut Hannah, appeared to me thanks to my very good friends and respected Mirali and Rustam, also from the flock of Tajikistan;

- female JUMAN or shortcut Juja is the daughter of Polvon and Chokar.

Only once a year, puppies are born from my dogs, who leave to work for their intended purpose to new owners after a preliminary interview.

I carefully select owners for my puppies and my main task is to ensure that the owner is completely satisfied with the puppy, and in the future an adult dog.

It is very important for me that the puppies, if possible, get to work for their intended purpose – that is, to work with flocks and other farm animals 🐴🐮🐃 That is why I have separate " favorable " conditions for the owners of farms and farms for the purchase of puppies from my dogs, including the possibility of barter.

All questions about puppies can be written in Viber, Telegram or WhatsApp at +7963-992-4000

I also have a YouTube channel - Aboriginal dog & puppies of wolfhound  - come and subscribe - there is a lot of interesting and useful material, including various interviews on aboriginal Central Asian shepherds.

Aboriginal Central Asian Shepherds