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Special attention should be paid to red dogs, or Red nose. The reason for this is because this color, as well as many other colors present to this day in flocks of dogs in Tajikistan, excluded from the breed colors of the Central Asian shepherd according to the standard, which is guided by the Russian Cynological Federation. In this section, we will not delve into the discussion of the colors of native Central Asian shepherds, because this topic is extensive and requires special attention.


Here, we have made a selection of photos and videos that only show red dogs. And what should always be remembered by everyone – the natural strict selection, which is still being conducted in dogs from the flocks, in the Sagi Dahmarda from Tajikistan, has never been conducted by color. Nature, like the shepherd, does not care what color the Central Asian shepherd will eventually grow, as long as it is a hardy healthy animal that can protect the flock from attacks by both wild animals and people.


Photo selection of red nose Central Asian Shepherds from the flocks of Tajikistan - true Sagi Dahmarda to your attention:

*This photo material was taken from Latif and Alikhon Latifi – for which they are particularly grateful. You can find a lot of interesting, new and informative things on their website –
Latif and Alikhon also made a wonderful video where you can admire these beautiful dogs:

Latif's video about red dogs –

And here you can admire the red puppies. This video is also taken from Latif Latifi from Instagram -

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Публикация от Latif La (

Also, from our dogs, Chokar and Tash, who were taken out of the flocks of Tajikistan, several red nose puppies were born each time. And we have the ability to track them from their birth to the present day.

We present to your attention a selection of photo and video materials on red nose children of Chokar & Tash:

In the following videos, you can see that Ganj was not only the most beautiful puppy, but also the first in everything and therefore kept away herself from her littermates, but at the same time was very contact with us -


Next you can see the photos of a grown-up Gangai at her owners ' farm –


And this selection of red nose puppies from Chokar and Tash, from the second litter.

Photo Of Alaji –


Video of Aladja-on our YouTube channel -


Male Anor - son of Chokar & Tash -


Videos of Anor -


And concludes our selection of red nose dogs female Afsona - daughter of Chokar & Tash.


Video with Afsona -